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This is full day excursion to one of the best kept secrets of Europe. It’s a country which had been closed from the end of Second World War under strong dictatorship by Enver Hodza. From town Budva we have in approximately two hours of beautiful coastal and countryside drive to border crossing point of Sukobin. Introduction to local Albanian guide, and after border formalities been finish, you will proceed further ahead to city of Skadar.

Skadar is a city in northwestern Albania. It is one of the oldest and most historic places in Albania, as well as an important cultural and economic center.

During many different epochs it has retained its status as a major city in the Western Balkans, due to its geostrategic positioning close to the Adriatic and the Italian ports, but also with land-routes to other important cities and towns in neighboring regions.

Traces of Communist regime now slowly disappearing, while transitions to democracy continues to progress. You will experience this interesting city tour through words of our local guide.

From Skadar one hour drive to our next destination, town of Kruje.

Kruje is a town in north central Albania, it is located between Mount Kruje and the Ishem River, and Kruja is situated only 20 km from the capital of Albania, city of Tirana.

Town with rich history in 1190 became the capital of the first autonomous Albanian state. Later it was the capital of the Kingdom of Albania, while in the beginning of 15th century Kruje was conquered by the Ottoman Empire, but then recaptured in 1443 by Skander-beg, Albanian national hero and legendary leader of the League of Lezhe, who successfully defended town against three Ottoman sieges until his death in 1468.

In Kruje you will visit fortress of Skander-beg, and national ethnographic museum situated in beautiful villa of famous Toptani family.

For launch brake there is wide choice of traditional restaurant, and our local guide will recommend you the finest one.

After launch brake will be departure back to Montenegro.

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