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This is full day excursion to the territories of old Montenegrin state that exist from the beginning of 17th century until the end of First World War. From Budva to old royal capitol Cetinje, with a first stop on the mountain of Brajići with a stunning views on region of Budva Riviera.

Town of Cetinje laid down beneath mountain Lovćen, founded at the end of 15th century by the one of the last ruler of Kingdom of Zeta which was previous Montenegrin state.

Cetinje is cultural, historical and spiritual center of Montenegrin state. From palace of King Nikola to the residency of Peter the Second, Ćipur church to the Monastery of Cetinje, former government palace, buildings of twelve different embassies, palaces of Nobel families, Cetinje will definitely leave you breathless.

From Cetinje journey continues higher up in to the mountains to the village of Njeguši. Most popular Montenegrin village lies down on the south side of mountain Lovćen on attitude of almost 1000m above sea level. Popular because of famous national food of Montenegro, smoked ham called Njeguška pršuta, this village is home of last Montenegrin dynasty Petrović.
After the launch brake journey continues down to the coast and town of Kotor.

From Njeguši by scenic drive enjoy in breathtaking view on Bay of Boka, the southeast fjord outside Norway. With 25 different serpentines on the road that had been develop in 19th century we arrive in Old Town of Kotor.

The old Mediterranean port of Kotor is surrounded by an impressive city wall built by the Republic of Venice, and Venetian influence remains predominant in the city’s architecture.

With local guide through amazing walking tour you will be introduced to historical and cultural treasure of this magnificent Old town. From the main town square by the massive palaces of old Nobel Families, to basilica of St. Triphun, temple of St. Luke and impressive Orthodox Church of St. Nikola, every single rock of this medieval town have a story for himself.

After a free time it will be returning back to Budva.

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