River to Lake

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This is full day excursion to the central and coastal part of Montenegro that combine bus and boat ride. From Budva we travel directly to the river of Crnojević. River of Crnojević is old fisherman settlement situated on the namesake river, beneath Old town fortress of Obod.

On a boat ride through the canyon of river, pictures landscape, rich with flora and fauna to famous Skadar Lake one of five Montenegrin national parks.

Skadar Lake is largest lake in Balkan Peninsula. Lake is 50 km long and 30 km wide, divided between Montenegro and Albania. Two third of the lake is Montenegrin territory and one third is Albanian. Rich with a more than 50 types of fish Skadar Lake is also biggest natural bird preserved with more than 270 different types of birds that lives and migrate through the Lake. Rich with flora and fauna Skadar Lake is perfect place for nature lovers.

From the River of Crnojević on a boat ride there is service with local spirits homemade dough balls, honey and cheese, and homemade wine, typical for the region of Skadar Lake.

As the territory of the lake slowly starts to reveal, the historian sites starts to occupied attentions. From the churches and monasteries, fortresses and fisherman settlements, to the modern building, railway connections and islands, lake provide a fulfilled day.

On the stops in the middle of Lake, swim inside and feel the temperature of five different rivers that flows in to Skadar Lake.

After a boat ride, there is launch brake into village of Virpazar, where traditional food of the region will be presented.

After launch brake with a bus through the mountain of Sozina get to the coast of Montenegro, and by the beautiful coastal drive you arrive in Budva.

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